What Exists in the shrine of Ibrahim in the Grand Mosque?

The dome of the Maqam was renewed many times, and the shrine remained in its final form until 1387 AH

The ruins of the shrine of Ibrahim are still present as one of the prominent signs of the Kaaba dish in the Grand Mosque, with a gilded crystal appearance, and the standing stone with the image of two feet carved into the rock.

The shrine of Ibrahim

The shrine is a high dome made of fixed wood, standing on four pillars of tapers and carved stones, between which there are four iron windows on the four sides.

 On the other side that enters the shrine and the dome one can see the shrine engraved and decorated with gold. The position of the prayer hall is decorated on four columns, two columns with a dome attached to it. The ground is carved and decorated with gold.

Cleaning the Dome of Ibrahim’s Shrine

The dome of the Maqam was renewed many times, and the shrine remained in its last form until 1387 AH. During the reign of King Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the compartment that was on it was removed and made into a crystal cover.

The shrine of Ibrahim, peace be upon him, was restored during the reign of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd bin Abdulaziz – may God have mercy on him -, where the metal structure on which it was installed was replaced by another new structure, made of high quality copper.

An internal gilded net was installed, and it was replaced. The cladding of the concrete base for the shrine, which was made of black granite, with another base made of pure white karara marble, localized with green granite, to resemble the shape of the stone marble.

The dimensions of the crystal cover e.g. its weight is (1.750) kg, its height is (1.30) meters and its diameter is (40) A cm and a thickness of (20) cm on all sides, and its diameter from the outside from the bottom is (80) cm, and the circumference of its circle from the bottom is (2.51) meters, as after these improvements, the place of the denominator became a streamlined shape, as it was before that a polygon.

While the General Administration for Technical and Service Affairs, affiliated to the Agency for Technical and Service Affairs of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, as part of the “Together We Are Protected” initiative, it cleansed and polished the external frame of the shrine of Ibrahim, peace be upon him.

This included the outer metal structure with all the details, in addition to the stone lanterns of Ismail, peace be upon him.

The Director of the Department of Cleaning and Carpet of the Grand Mosque, Jaber Al-Wadaani, explained that trained and tasked workers have been assigned to the process of cleaning and polishing the shrine of Ibrahim – peace be upon him – and Ismail’s stone lanterns, under the supervision and follow-up of the competent authority in the administration, using special tools and materials.

The shrine of Ibrahim; A stone was built on it, and when it was finished, he placed it under the wall of the Kaaba. When the Prophet was sent, he was commanded that he should pray behind it, God commanded him. The shrine was near the Kaaba, and Umar put it back in its known place.

What is meant is that it was a stone upon which Ibrahim used to build, upon him be blessings and peace. This is the shrine of Ibrahim.

 Stone Ismail, peace be upon him

The Sheikh: As for the stone, this is a piece of the Kaaba when the Quraysh built the Kaaba, their money was limited, so they took out some of the house, and the Quraysh collected many sums of money from good earnings. They avoided alimony malicious earnings such as the dowry of the prostitute, usury and the like. They gathered good earnings to build the Kaaba.

 The maintenance was limited to them, so they took the stone and most of it out of the Kaaba from the curve, about seven cubits. This is from the Kaaba. The Prophet said to Aisha: Pray near the stone.

 The Ismail Stone contains no dead body, neither Ismail nor anyone else, and some historical stories are not true, as the stone does not contain dead people, and the mosque does not contain the dead.

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