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Video: A flying man appears in Saudi Arabia for delivering orders

Social media users have circulated video footage of a flying delivery man in Saudi Arabia.


According to the circulating video, the delivery man uses an engine to fly and moves from one tower to another to deliver an order.


It was no clear details about the delivery company or the location of the delivery.


The video brings to mind some restaurants around the world using drones to deliver pizza and food orders.


These restaurants locate customers via GPS and video cameras to ensure that they reach the correct recipient in a short period of less than a quarter of an hour for delivery.


It is noteworthy that the global food delivery industry is growing at a rate of 10% annually, and the size of this market is expected to reach 365 billion dollars by 2030.


The Middle East and North Africa region is not isolated from this trend, as the sector’s revenues exceeded $9 billion in March 2021, an increase of about 75% compared to March 2020.

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