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Video 9 Houthi infiltrators killed in Hodeidah, western Yemen

Nine Houthi militia fighters were killed as a result of a failed infiltration attempt in the Liberated Areas south of the Governorate of Al Hudaydah, western Yemen.

The military media reported to the joint forces, that the reconnaissance units monitored the infiltration of 9 Houthi elements from the al-Husayniyah side to a palm plantation near the seam lines east of al-Jah district of the Beit al-Faqih district, and they were quickly dealt with and eliminated.

He clarified that the Special Mission Heroes swooped on the intruders and claimed the lives of 5 of them at the moment of the clash, while the rest were killed by artillery shelling on a hideout they fled to it.

The military media of the joint forces distributed scenes showing the Special Forces heroes swooping on the intruders and the moment when the fugitives were spotted and killed inside the hideout.

It is noteworthy that the Houthi militias incurred heavy losses during the past 72 hours by the joint forces in the Kilo 16 sector in the city of Al Hudaydah and the mountainous and Druhimi sectors as a result of suicide attempts, all of which were unsuccessful.

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