Universities in Saudi Arabia add yoga to their lectures

The head of the Saudi Committee for Yoga, Nouf Al-Maroui, announced that several agreements will be signed with major universities to support the practice of yoga.


She confirmed that the committee will sign contracts with various institutions in the Kingdom during the next few months.


Additionally, Nouf Al-Maroui pointed out the importance of introducing yoga into the university games system.



Announcing the introduction of yoga in Saudi universities and starting to organize the first championship.


Al-Maroui stated that the committee aims to discover the talents of outstanding players in all kinds of yoga sports.


the committee works to leverage their talents and support them to participate in local and international tournaments.


Al-Maroui called to make the practice of yoga one of the sustainable activities in universities


This was during her participation in the sessions of the symposium (The Role of University Sports ).


Sports Federation of Saudi Universities organized this session yesterday in Riyadh.


The importance of yoga


Firstly, the head of the Yoga Committee touched on the sport of yogasana and the first championship organization.



In this regard, she noted the support and efforts of the Sports Federation of Saudi Universities to support the sport of yoga.


The Saudi Yoga Committee also provided sports scholarships to the University of Business and Technology and Dar Al-Hekma University.


It is noteworthy that the meeting included 4 sessions, the first on (university sports locally and internationally).


The second session discussed (the development of national university sports championships).


The title of the third session was (hosting international university tournaments).


The fourth and final session on the dissemination and development of modern sports.



The meeting was inaugurated by the President of the Sports Federation of Saudi Universities, Dr. Khaled Al-Muzaini.


Among the attendees, was the President of the International University Sports Federation, Liones Eder, and the Director General, Paulo Freira.

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