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UN warns of looming famine in Somalia

UN humanitarian agencies have again warned of the imminent danger of famine in Somalia, threatening the lives of millions of people.

UNICEF spokesman James Elder said that the number of children under the age of five who suffer from acute malnutrition in Somalia has risen to 513,000, an increase of 33%, which means that an additional 127,000 children are at risk of death.


For its part, the International Organization for Migration called for providing urgent support to Somalia as humanitarian needs increase, and to provide $ 50 million in relief funding before it is too late.

The World Food Program warned that famine is approaching in Somalia, calling for immediate and urgent funding, and the need for a rapid, integrated and large-scale response to save lives and provide food, health care, clean water, and sanitation.

WFP confirmed that 6.7 million people face serious food insecurity, and famine is expected to start in October in Baidoa and Barhakba regions.

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