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Tribes of Libya resort to Egypt

By : Marwa Mahmoud

In conjunction with the military build-up and reinforcements that Sirte region witnessed during the past days, Egypt mobilized to defend its national security and its red lines.

 Libyan tribes affirmed their willingness to defend their lands militarily against “Turkish interference”. Egypt would not Arming the tribes but urging them to integrate them into the Libyan army, after choosing who is fit to be inside the state’s institutions.

The sources indicated that Egypt refuses to have weapons in hands of any groups or tribes other than Libyan National Army, but it welcomes that it be integrated into the army after 90-day training in Egypt in full.

It also reported that Egypt did not discuss the issue of arming the tribes, but rather discussed its position under the state’s roof and its political and military rehabilitation.

It stressed that Cairo does not want to turn the tribes into militias, according to what some are promoting, but it wants to support the Libyan army with elements that have the capacity and ability to work under the umbrella of the Libyan state.

Egypt explained that the issue of arming tribes is a file related to army, but its mission is limited to coordination between all tribes Qualification and convergence of views.

Cairo asserted that it rejects any plans to divide Libya and it is coordinating with the Libyan tribes with the aim of eliminating any differences among them in order to be united  in support of the Libyan National Army against Turkish interference.

A delegation of elders and notables from Libya arrived on Wednesday evening, the Egyptian capital, to hold meetings with Egyptian officials and to affirm the Libyan people’s support for Egyptian interference and repelling the Turkish aggression.

Alia Al-Ubaidi, the official for Egyptian-Libyan Relations in the Tribal Council of Libya said that the delegation supports Egyptian interference in confronting Turkish aggression and violations of the Al-Wefaq militias, activating the joint Arab defense agreement.

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