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The Representative of the Humen Rights Comments on Some Concerns of Disabled in Saudi

The spokesperson for the Human Rights Commission, Dr. Noura Al-Haqbani, commented on the work that the Commission monitored of deficiencies in the services provided to people with disabilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Noura Al-Haqbani, the spokesperson for the Human Rights Commission in Saudi Arabia

Al-Haqbani said in an intervention on the “Ya Hala” program on “Rotana Khalijia” channel that the authority has several means to monitor and receive complaints in various areas of human rights, including people with disabilities, and it is subject to these complaints about several stages from reception until the appropriate action is taken regarding each case.

Mapping the Saudi State, Chapter 9: The National Human Rights Institutions  | Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain

She added that the authority does not reduce all parties’ efforts in providing appropriate services for people with disabilities in Saudi Arabia, but this may be marred by some deficiencies or lack of awareness regarding the limitation of these services to this group.

She indicated that the presence of notes and complaints are normal for improvement and progress. The commission’s role is to track and admit the concerns of the people. However, it is not acceptable to question or doubt the efforts and work provided for this group of people because the government of Saudi Arabia never stops its support to this group in the country.

It is important to notice that Saudi Arabia gives Saudi women more chances to speak up and acquire high positions in the country. The government has always supported women to be more empowered, and every time Saudi women prove that they deserve the country’s trust.

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