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The Distinguished Sayed Kamel bin Mohammed Alqurashi

By leaders staff

The pioneer of the modern economy in Saudi Arabia and Kingdom of Bahrain.

When it comes to mention the leaders, then we cannot deny the pioneer businessmen, who putted the basis of modern economy, they are the real leaders, because without the strong economy that they have supported; there would be no strong and civilized nations as we know it today.

On the top of the list of the economy leaders, there is the Distinguished self-made Sayed Kamel bin Mohammed Alqurashi (1932 – 2020), a respected example of honorable struggle and determination to succeed, and an inspirational role model for today’s entrepreneurs.

His early life

The Distinguished Sayed Kamel bin Mohammed Alqurashi was born in the city of Muharraq in Bahrain in the 6th of June 1932 for a humble religious family, his father, Sayed Mohammed bin Ahmed Alqurashi was a traveler as many of men at that time; and his mother was a dedicated house wife. He lived and grew up in a shake made of palm fronds in the old Bin Rashdan neighborhood in Muharraq. He had his first education with Al-Mutawa, a holy man who teached children Quran, later; he had his secondary schooling in Al-Hidaya Al-Khalifa school.

The beginning of the struggle

Once Sayed Kamel has finished his schooling period, the living difficulties have enforced him to leave to Turaif in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the beginning of 1950s, where he and many others of Bahraini youths have been worked as labors and craftsmen in Aramco company; where the oil industry was witnessing quantum leap and expansion in Saudi Arabia within that period.

Life, is the real school

In fact, the expatriation away of his country and his parents wasn’t as hard as he thought, where the tough work experience of Sayed Kamel in the different spots of Aramco in the middle of hard desert of Saudi Arabia have raised him as a solid man to count on.

Through the districts of Turaif, Dammam, Al Jubail, Abu Hadriya, and the wild desert of The Rub’ Al Khali, he was assigned to do different tasks, such as; moving oil barrels within spots, which upraised his skills and firmness in the different harsh work fields.

As the days went by, he has assigned under the charge of an American supervisor; who have noticed the enormous dedication of Sayed Kamel, where the American supervisor have uprise Sayed Kamel’s crafting skills, where he taught him everything he knew about carpentry, plumbing, welding, and some electrical connections.

With the passage of years with dedicated works, Sayed Kamel has been promoted to be a supervisor on the labors in the Tapline fields; where they all were work and guard, and that have enhanced his discipline and his own leadership spirit.

As a generous reward of Aramco, Sayed Kamel was given a scholarship to complete his college study in the American University of Bierut – Lebanon in the middle of 1960s.

The old building of Al-Hidaya Al-Khalifa school, the first school of formal education in the gulf region, established in 1919

Launching to the world of business

After his university graduation, Sayed Kamel has decided to invest all his knowledge and skills that got during the past years in a private business, where he returned back to Bahrain and he have started Alqurashi Establishment in 1967.

And as clever move from him, Sayed Kamel have studied the market carefully, and he focused on the sectors which suffering from deficits and weaknesses; especially that Bahrain was still under the British dominance, which were looking for more openness and improvement in the standard of service providing in Bahrain.

From there, Alqurashi Establishment have been the hup that have filed the gaps, where Sayed Kamel have contracted with the government of Bahrain at that time, and with numbers of working companies and commercial entities; in order to supply what they need of professional man-powers, beside that; the establishment have launched its general contracting branch, which have covered all electrical, maintenance, construction and cleaning jobs.

In fact, Alqurashi Establishment have been one of the backbones of the large business entities for more than 50 years, where it has supplied all skills, professions, and fundamental contracting job for large corporations in both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, and that have encouraged many young businesses to learn from Alqurashi Establishment and to copy its experience in the market.

Al-Mutawa teaching kids Quran.

The legacy

Sayed Kamel bin Mohammed Alqurashi has passed away in 29th of February 2020 at age of 87, however; the fact that he was one of the most significant pillars of the modern businesses will remain forever.

He left a honorable legacy representing in his respected family in Bahrain, Alqurashi family, the leaders and pioneers of today businesses.

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