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Taliban frees 5,000 inmates

Taliban released frees 5,000 inmates
Taliban released frees 5,000 inmates

The Taliban freed 5,000 inmates after taking the city just hours earlier, including ISIS militants and former Guantanamo detainees.

According to the report, fighters from the movement came to Kabul, the Afghan capital, from several districts.

According to a report published by the US daily “Washington Post,” the administration of US President Joe Biden agreed on Sunday to send an additional 1,000 soldiers to the capital.

According to the source, the US Department of Defense, or the “Pentagon,” has agreed to send 1,000 additional troops to Afghanistan to assist with the evacuation following the fall of the government.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stated that Washington did not anticipate the Taliban to move so rapidly, saying that the US had warned the Taliban that if any of its personnel were in danger, it would respond forcefully.

The US minister emphasized that his nation had made no requests or promises to the Taliban, and announced the relocation of US embassy workers from Kabul to the airport, with the whole embassy afterward evacuated and the flag down.

In addition, the Pentagon told Congress that the Taliban planned to attack US soldiers if the departure was postponed.

It’s worth mentioning that the Taliban organization stormed Kabul and took over the Afghan capital’s administration within hours after the security troops withdrew.

After the security centers were cleared of their members, the movement instructed its warriors to enter Kabul under the guise of “preventing theft,” certifying that the police stations, Kabul University, and the Ministry of Education were secured.

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