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Saudi to Host International Forum on Combating Hatred, Violence on Nov.26

In an unprecedented move, Saudi Arabia is set to host the Combating Hatred, Violence International Forum on November 26. This pivotal event marks a significant step in the global effort to address the growing concerns about the spread of hatred and violence through various media platforms.

Setting the Stage for Change

By organizing the International Forum on Combating Hatred and Violence, KSA takes a proactive stance against the negative impact of media-propagated violence and hatred.

Accordingly, the forum is set to gather experts and leaders from around the world. This collaborative approach aims to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges. It also aims to develop comprehensive strategies to counteract the spread of harmful propaganda.

Moreover, a core focus of the forum will be to examine the role of media in shaping public opinion and spreading divisive content. Discussions will also revolve around finding ways to promote responsible journalism and media practices that contribute to societal harmony.

The Path Forward: Saudi Arabia’s Role in Promoting Global Harmony

Furthermore, the forum is expected to be a catalyst for ongoing international dialogue. It aims to establish a network of cooperation among nations dedicated to fostering a more peaceful world. Additionally, the International Forum is more than just a one-time event. It is a milestone in the collective global effort to create a safer world.

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