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Saudi Shura Council to monitor the content of Drama Series

On (Monday), Saudi advisors discussed the inappropriate content of series and artwork, while Saudi Shura Council’s member Dr. Sultana Al-Badawi called for imposing (special) censorship controls on those whose content touches society, its issues, history, and heritage, in a way that contributes to showing a proper image of it.

Al-Budaiwi confirmed that “preserving the purity of media content and presenting an honorable image of the Saudi citizen is of paramount importance,” calling for the artworks to be committed to reflecting the bright image of society.

She added, “The authority’s role is great with this media flow and the emergence of multiple media platforms, which is to control the content and to reconsider the penalties imposed for violations to ensure deterrence and non-repetition of violations,” noting the importance of artistic works is truly reflected on the homeland.

For his part, Omar Abu Bakr, the official spokesman for the Audio-Visual Media Authority, explained that they are working to facilitate the procedures for producing and filming artworks and to provide support to television and radio channels, production companies, and institutions.

He added: “We assure them of the need to adhere to the controls and that any violation is dealt with immediately. They are monitored, as the Commission’s Compliance Committee looks into violations and violations to approve the necessary fines and penalties.”

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