Saudi officials announce their plans to launch NEOM Airlines in 2024

NEOM Aviation, Saudi Arabia’s latest airline dedicated to serving the futuristic $500 billion city in the country’s northwest region, is set to begin operations at the end of the last quarter of 2024.

NEOM Aviation


According to Klaus Goersch, CEO of the airline, the company’s focus will be on enabling travel to and from NEOM for tourists, residents, and business partners.


“We are here to facilitate access,” Goresh explained. “Our goal is a holistic and interconnected approach, where NEOM Airlines empowers NEOM’s GDP.”


NEOM Airlines will operate from NEOM Bay Airport, which opened in 2019.


it will serve Saudi Arabian Airlines domestically as well as in London and Dubai.


In addition to flydubai, which connects the tourist destination to Dubai, the airline will eventually relocate to NEOM International Airport.


“We expect to have a global aviation hub over time – to serve the Middle East, Europe, America, Asia,” said Gorsuch.


NEOM Airlines target


NEOM Airlines’ goal is to power each flight with sustainable onboard fuel derived from NEOM’s blending facilities.


Gorsch stated that the planned airline will inspect every component, including carpeting and single-use plastics.

The distinctive approach of NEOM Airlines.


The airline hopes to “elevate every single touchpoint” with an immersive.


The carrier will be an extension of NEOM.

The location, the vision, and the mission will all be oriented towards advancing the destination.


It will serve as an ambassador for the city, so it should be a perfect product that reflects its values as a whole.


Goresh emphasized that the ultimate goal for the new Saudi airline is for customers not to think about being on a plane, but rather simply enjoy the experience.


NEOM is focused on technology, but the airline’s CEO has stated that the sponsored carrier will work on retrofitting existing aircraft.


The airline is already in talks with aircraft, interior, and seat manufacturers.


But by 2026, “new innovative aircraft will be coming — whether electric, hydrogen-powered or supersonic.”

Connect to the rest of the world


Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia awarded AECOM a multi-year contract to provide project management consultancy services for NEOM International Airport.

AECOM’s scope of work will include master planning, design, and construction services, as well as testing, commissioning, operational readiness, commissioning, and transition.

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