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Saudi Navy Al-Jubail Crew Conclude Training Program in Spain

The Royal Saudi Naval Forces completed a training program for the crew of His Majesty King’s ship “Jubail,” the first combat ship of the “Sarwat” project, which includes the manufacture and construction of five naval vessels with qualitative capabilities to deal with various combat missions.

The training program took place in the city of San Fernando in the Kingdom of Spain on Saturday.

The crew of His Majesty the King’s ship, “Al Jubail,” underwent three major rounds of training.

The first phase began in the UK and lasted 46 weeks; to learn English before moving to the Kingdom of Spain. In the second stage, foundational and advanced courses were offered with the Spanish Navy and the University of Cadiz, in addition to courses in ship operation, maintenance, and coexistence with the Spanish Navy and Navantia, which manufactures ships for the Sarawat project.

The last part concentrated on real sea training for His Majesty the King’s “Al Jubail” personnel.

The training program culminated in the deployment of His Majesty King’s ship “Al-Jubail” in the Spanish Naval Operations Area in the Gulf of Cadiz, firing with a MICA missile of the third version (Block 3), which operates to repel air attacks and identify targets in a self-guided (Fire and forget) manner.

On this occasion, the Commander of the Royal Saudi Naval Forces expressed his admiration for His Majesty King Jubail’s crew, praising them for their efficiency and competency during the phases of theoretical and practical training and certification.

In addition to their high ability to fully operationally employ the ship’s sophisticated equipment, which culminated in the launch of a missile (MICA), the missile launch was successful, and the target was destroyed with full power and ability.

He stated that the ship’s crew had completed all of the project’s training stages, noting that the ship is in the process of preparing to sail to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; to be the first ship to join the naval fleet from the “Sarwat” project, which contributes to raising the level of readiness of the Royal Saudi Naval Forces; to enhance maritime security in the region and protect Saudi Arabia’s vital and strategic interests.

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