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Saudi foreign minister announces that the agreement with Iran does not mean resolving all problems

The Saudi Foreign Minister, Faisal bin Farhan, confirmed after the restoration of relations with Iran that this does not mean resolving all the differences between the two parties.


Last Friday, Saudi Arabia and Iran agreed last Friday in Beijing to resume the severed relations between them since 2016.


They also managed to reopen the two embassies within two months.


Bin Farhan made it clear that this agreement confirms the common desire of both sides to resolve disputes through communication.


Tours for two years


Bin Farhan indicated that he is looking forward to visiting and meeting his Iranian counterpart soon.


the minister added”We are preparing to resume diplomatic relations between our two countries during the next two months.


He pointed out that this agreement was sponsored and mediated by China.

It came after several rounds of talks over the past two years in both Iraq and the Sultanate of Oman.


He also stressed that the Kingdom is continuing on the path of calm and de-escalation, sensing its role and responsibility in enhancing regional and international security and stability.


Saudi Mediation


Bin Farhan stressed that the Kingdom “is ready to exert good offices in order to reach a political solution that ends the Ukrainian crisis.”


He stressed the need to stop the escalation that harmed the two countries.


it harmed the security of Europe and weakened the level of international cooperation.


The three countries issued a statement last Friday that included the items stipulated in the agreement.


the agreement affirmed the sovereignty of each country and non-interference in internal affairs.


The Saudi and Iranian foreign ministers also held an activation meeting to arrange the exchange of ambassadors and discuss ways to strengthen relations between them.


The general agreement for cooperation in the field of economy, trade, investment, technology, science, culture, sports, and youth signed in 1998 was also activated.

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