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Saudi Female Student Named As Best Inventor In World

The United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization named a Saudi female student, Renad Hussein, as the world’s best female inventor for 2020. Her recent invention would give 644 million deaf people around the world the opportunity to drive cars.

What’s more, Saudi media stated that Hussein, a medical student at King Saud University in Riyadh, also won three gold medals in international invention competitions and a gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions and Innovations in Malaysia in 2019.

Furthermore, Hussein also won the gold award in the Korea International Olympiad for the best invention in the world in 2020 as well as the gold award in the global competition held in Africa in 2020.

During an interview with the Saudi “Al-Akhbariya channel,” Hussein spoke about her recent invention, noting that some countries prevent the deaf from driving, which prompted her to think of developing a solution to this problem.

“The solution is to find sound sensors that translate external sounds and send them to the vehicle driver via a screen, through which the deaf can identify the surrounding sounds,” she explained, adding, “Since many deaf people are not literate, I have added colors and images to the sensors, which this is the fastest way to alert them.”

Furthermore, she emphasized that “this invention will allow about 644 million deaf people around the world to drive cars at an international level, and will give them the ability to perceive sounds through the sense of sight, explaining that “this will reduce risks for deaf people and others alike.”

The idea of ​​the invention came after she read about the US police who shot dead a deaf person after they failed to stop the person without realizing that he could not hear the police, and she wanted to find a way through which the deaf person could realize what is going on around him, she continued to explain.

In addition, Hussein stated that she grew up in a scientific environment as both her parents are academics, which facilitated her entry into the field of invention, pointing out that “from a young age she felt the importance of science, reading, perusal and time management. She participated in the “Mawhiba” (Talent) program and won a high prize in the Kingdom.”

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