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Saudi Arabia to accelerate the implementation of structural reforms: Finance Minister

Saudi Arabia to accelerate the implementation of structural reforms: Finance Minister

Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Jadaan, Saudi Minister of Finance and Chairman of the Financial Sector Development Program Committee stated that the Kingdom seeks to accelerate the implementation of comprehensive structural reforms, including financial sector reforms.


According to the minister, this is accomplished through implementing strategies, programs, and projects that promote long-term economic growth and improve quality of life per the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.


The minister emphasized that the Kingdom is in a good position due to the leadership’s directives in dealing with the current situation’s challenges, as well as proactive policies implemented by the government, which have contributed to limiting the impact of these challenges.


He stated that the Saudi economy achieved tangible positive developments on the economic and financial levels during the year 2022 AD, exceeding previous local and international expectations according to the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA.”


This came with the capital, Riyadh, preparing to launch the second edition of the Financial Sector Conference, which is organized by the partners of the Financial Sector Development Program, the Ministry of Finance, the Saudi Central Bank, and the Capital Market Authority, on March 15 and 16 at the King Abdulaziz International Conference Center, with the participation of decision-makers in the financial sector and senior executives in financial institutions locally, regionally and internationally, as well as a group of international investors, businessmen, as well as specialized academics.


The agenda for this year’s conference includes a discussion of important topics that reflect a realistic connection with the financial community’s concerns and aspirations, such as opportunities and challenges facing the global economy, supply chain shortages, the effects of a long-running pandemic, and other factors that slow growth in several parts of the world and severely affect the financial sector, its system, and its custodians.


The conference will discuss financial institutions’ flexibility and how they cope with the new financial reality, with its rapid technological development, the emergence of non-banking actors on the scene, the new economic reality, and changing demand, which requires financial institutions to reconsider their roles in the market and how to serve their customers with flexibility that enhances their market position.


The conference will cover investing for the future, including risk management strategy and product offerings reviews, green investment and financing initiatives, modern technologies, changing investor expectations in light of market fluctuations, and other new challenges and opportunities for future safe investment. It will also discuss the financial sector’s future in light of digitization.



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