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Saudi Arabia participates in the Hercules-2″ Joint Military Training

The Egyptian army announced the start of the “Hercules-2” exercise, which will include Special Forces from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Greece, Cyprus, Jordan, the US, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Bahrain.

According to an Egyptian army spokesman, the training will last several days in the combat training fields at the Mohamed Naguib military base and the training areas in the northern military region.

Major General Staff Khaled Ahmed Shawki, the head of the Armed Forces Training Authority, stated during the opening ceremony that this training is “important to upgrade combat capabilities and unify visions to confront common challenges.”

According to the military spokesman, experts from the International Committee of the Red Cross will take part in the exercises to reinforce respect for the rules of international humanitarian law that govern armed conflicts.

The first phase of training includes procedures for integrating and acquainting the participating forces with concepts, an exhibition of weapons and training equipment, and lectures on cybersecurity and international humanitarian law.

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