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Saudi Arabia: Our relationship with The US is Institutional

Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah, the Saudi foreign minister, affirmed that his country’s hand is extended in peace with Iran despite its lack of commitment to any agreement concluded with it.

 On the other hand, he criticized Iran’s calls for dialogue with his country, stressing that it “aims to procrastinate and escape from its crises.” He said, “Our hand is stretched out. For peace with Iran, but it does not abide by its agreements. ”

The Saudi minister’s assurances came within statements to “Al-Arabiya”, where he expressed his country’s optimism about “an excellent relationship with the US under the administration of the new US President Joe Biden,” indicating that the appointments in the Biden administration indicate his understanding of the files.

Prince Faisal bin Abdullah also affirmed that Saudi Arabia has a historical relationship with the US, and said, “We have dealt excellently with administrations of Republicans and Democrats.”

“Our relationship with the US relates to our common institutions and our interests that have not changed,” he added. He added, “We will consult with America about the agreement with Iran, so that it will have a strong basis,” explaining that European countries understand that the previous agreement with Iran contained shortcomings.

He said, “The weakness of previous agreements with Iran is due to the lack of coordination with the countries of the region, and the Iranian regime must change its ideas and focus on the prosperity of its people.”

On the Yemeni issue, the Saudi Foreign Minister told “Al-Arabiya” that “the Riyadh agreement is the building block for a political solution and a comprehensive settlement to the Yemen crisis.”

He added, “If the Houthis decide that the interest of Yemen is most important, it will facilitate reaching a solution,” indicating that the Houthis are classified as a terrorist organization. By Washington, the rating is due.

He stressed that “the Biden administration will find that our goals are common with regard to the situation in Yemen.”

Regarding the Iraqi file, Prince Faisal bin Farhan stressed that the stability of Iraq is an essential element for the stability of the region and Arab security.

He added that Saudi Arabia and Iraq have opportunities for integration and that there is continuous coordination between the two countries on security and economic levels. He indicated that the government of Mustafa Al-Kazimi is doing strong work to build Iraqi institutions.

The Saudi Foreign Minister touched on the Syrian file, saying: “Our position is consistent with the Syria crisis, which is to support efforts to reach a peaceful solution.”

He also dealt with the Lebanese issue, and said, “Lebanon will not prosper without political reform and the abandonment of Hezbollah’s militias,” indicating that Lebanon has the ingredients for success, but it needs reform.

Regarding Al-Ula’s statement, he said that “the Al-Ula agreement will be a strong basis for Gulf and Arab coordination,” adding that the Al-Ula agreement “lays the foundation for resolving all outstanding problems.

 He also stressed that all four countries agree on the importance of reconciliation with Qatar, adding that the opening of the Saudi embassy in Doha will take place within days.

On the other hand, Prince Faisal bin Farhan, the Saudi Foreign Minister, met in Riyadh with his Afghan counterpart, Muhammad Hanif Atmar, and discussed with him relations between the two countries and prospects for joint cooperation, in addition to developments in the region, and regional and international issues of common interest.

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