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Saudi Arabia keeps its position as one of world’s most powerful armies

The Saudi Kingdom maintained its position on the list of the most powerful armies in the world for the year 2023, within the “Global firepower” index.


The United States tops the list, followed by Russia and China.

The list includes some Arab countries in advanced positions among 145 countries.

The Egyptian army tops the list of Arab countries, followed by Saudi Arabia and Algeria.

The report indicated that Egypt is one of the 15 largest global military powers.

Saudi Arabia maintained its 22nd position in the world, while it came second at the level of Arab armies after Egypt.

Algeria ranks third in the Arab world, while it ranks 26th in the world, according to Al Arabiya Net.

The Iraqi army ranked fourth in the Arab world and 45 globally, followed by the UAE army, which ranked fifth in the Arab world and 56 globally.

The Moroccan army ranks sixth in the Arab world, behind the UAE, while it ranks 61st in the world.

India ranks fourth in the world, followed by Britain and South Korea.

Since Ukraine has received Western military aid, especially that from the United States, it came in 15th place.


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