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Saudi Arabia issues 964 new industrial licenses during 2022

The Saudi Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources stated that a total of 964 industrial licenses were awarded by the ministry in 2022


This information was derived from National Center for Industrial and Mining Information report.


It was among the licenses that issued 79 new industrial licenses last December.


The report indicated that the number of existing factories in the Kingdom until the end of the same month reached 10,518, with an investment volume of 1.43 trillion riyals.


The volume of investments in newly issued licenses for December amounted to 2.336 billion riyals


With 13 licenses, six were distributed among industrial activities that produce shaped metals, excluding machinery and equipment.


Small enterprises acquired most of the newly issued industrial licenses during the same month at a rate of 83.54%. This was followed by medium enterprises at a rate of 12.66%, then micro enterprises at a rate of 3.80%.


National factories recorded the largest percentage of the total licenses issued by a type of investment at 75.95%, then foreign establishments at 16.46%, and joint investment establishments at 7.59%.


The report indicated that 34 factories started production during the month of last December, with an investment volume of 390 million riyals, topped by food factories with 9 factories.


The report revealed that a number of previously used licenses were distributed among the regions. This was followed by the Riyadh region with 30 licenses and the Eastern region with 17 licenses.

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