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Saudi Arabia evacuates 65 Iranian nationals from Sudan

Iranian diplomat Hassan Zankar Argo reported on Saturday the arrival of 65 Iranians in Jeddah after evacuation from Sudan. Sudan has witnessed battles for more than two weeks.

Since evacuations began, the 65 Iranians are the first group relocated by the kingdom.

On Saturday, 65 Iranians were among about 1,900 people evacuated from Sudan, witnessing bloody clashes between the army and the Rapid Support Forces.

Riyadh has organized several evacuations from Sudan, including about 5000 people. These people are Saudis and citizens of more than 96 nationalities, according to the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Iranian diplomat Hassan Zarnarkar Abarqoi, received the Iranians at King Faisal Naval Base in Jeddah. He told AFP that the 65 Iranians were the “first” evacuated from Sudan.

For his part, Iranian Mehrdad Malekzadeh (28 years old), who was among the arrivals from Sudan, said: “Fortunately, they helped us out, put their differences aside, and worked together. They saved lives.”

Zarnarkar Abarquoi thanked Riyadh for its cooperation, considering it “an indication of consular cooperation between the two countries, as well as humanitarian cooperation.”

Situation in Khartoum

Regarding the situation in Khartoum, Mehrdad Malekzadeh said, “We never imagined the situation would intensify to this extent. Everyone thought that things would be fine, (and that what was happening was similar to) the problems that were happening sometimes, but that was not the case.”

He confirmed that he heard air strikes and explosions “daily” in Khartoum, describing them as “severe”.

Four Iranian diplomats received the Iranians in Jeddah, remembering that the diplomatic missions have not yet been officially opened.

In response to a question in this regard, Zarnarkar Abarquoi said that embassies would reopen their doors “as soon as possible.”

The Saudi-Iranian agreement reached last month under China’s auspices stipulated that each country would open its embassy in the other country in mid-May.

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