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Saudi Arabia Endorses AI Bletchley Declaration

Saudi Arabia Endorses AI Bletchley Declaration
President of SDAIA Abdullah Al-Ghamdi meets British Minister for AI and Intellectual Property Viscount Camrose. (SPA)

Saudi Arabia, alongside 27 other nations, has taken a monumental step in the domain of artificial intelligence (AI) safety by endorsing the Bletchley Declaration. This endorsement came during the AI Safety Summit held in Bletchley Park, North West London, reflecting a growing international endeavor to ensure the responsible use and development of AI technologies​.

The AI Bletchley Declaration is a global agreement delineating the opportunities, risks, and the essential need for global action concerning frontier AI systems, which are deemed to pose the most severe and imminent risks. The signatories of this declaration include countries with significant influence on the global stage such as the United States, the United Kingdom, China, six EU member states, Brazil, Nigeria, Israel, and of course, Saudi Arabia​.

Additionally, the declaration was unveiled by Britain with the intention to foster global cooperation on AI safety. The publication of the Bletchley Declaration coincided with the opening day of the AI Safety Summit, a major international event that witnessed a broad spectrum of participants including government ministers, senior representatives of specialist technology, and AI institutions from various nations​.

Saudi Arabia was represented by Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, the President of the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA). The summit was a platform for identifying the risks associated with AI, formulating risk-based policies, and advocating for an international research network dedicated to studying AI safety. The declaration, as perceived by officials, is a stride towards augmenting cooperation among stakeholders in the modern tech arena, emphasizing the sharing of information, transparency, accountability, and collective action to mitigate risks associated with AI​.

Furthermore, the sidelines of the summit saw Al-Ghamdi engaging in discussions with Jonathan Berry, Viscount Camrose, the British Minister for AI and Intellectual Property. They explored various AI-related topics, reviewed the cooperation between Saudi Arabia and the UK in this domain, and looked into ways to enhance it, thereby reiterating the collaborative spirit echoed by the Bletchley Declaration​.

The endorsement of the AI Bletchley Declaration by Saudi Arabia and other nations is a testament to the growing global consensus on the imperativeness of ensuring the safe and responsible deployment of AI technologies. It showcases a collaborative effort to navigate the complex landscape of AI, addressing the challenges and harnessing the opportunities that come with this transformative technology.

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