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Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Emirates and Bahrain make an appeal to Iran

By Marwa Mahmoud

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain discussed ways to confront “Iranian interference” in the affairs of Arab countries, calling Tehran to “stop its actions.”

The quartet Arab ministerial committee concerned with following up on “developments in the crisis with Iran and ways to address its interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries” held its 14th meeting on Wednesday morning,

That was on the sidelines of the work of the 154th session of Arab States Council League at the ministerial level, through visual communication technology and chaired by the Emirates with the participation of other members, the committee means Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, as well as the Secretary General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit.

The committee renewed its call “for Iran to cease its interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries, and to stop supporting its proxies in the region and provoking sectarian strife, which constitutes a continuous threat to the security and stability of Arab countries.”

The members of the committee discussed “the draft resolution on Iranian interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries, which will be approved by the League Council at the ministerial level, stressing on demand for international community to take a firm stance to confront Iran and its destabilizing activities in the region.”

The four Arab countries, as well as the United States , accuse Iran of interfering in the affairs of the countries of the region, especially Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon, and accuse it of supporting “terrorist parties and destabilizing stability there,” which the Islamic Republic vehemently denies.

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