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Saudi Arabia controls 70% of fires at Ghulameh Mountain

Today, Thursday, the civil defense and emergency teams managed to extinguish about seventy percent of the Tanumah fire that broke out last night in the Ghulama Mountains in southern Saudi Arabia.

Fire spread yesterday night inside the bushes and rugged forests due to the fast winds, but the concerned teams were able to cordon off the area and reduce the human losses through the speedy evacuation and evacuation of residents from the area of ​​fires.

Media spokesperson for the Civil Defense Directorate in Asir Region, Captain Muhammad bin Abdo Al-Sayed, said yesterday that the civilian of Tanuma received a report about a fire in trees and herbs in Jabal Ghulamah, Al Dhahara village in Tanuma Governorate – north of Asir region.

 Firefighting teams were directed to the site of the fire, It was found that the accident is a fire in trees and grasses located in a very rugged area with which it is difficult to direct the mechanisms,

The case was directly carried out by foot teams using the equipment and supplies necessary for such accidents, and the pre-prepared assignment plans for human and automatic support were applied and the quick intervention teams were made as a precaution in adjacent residential sites.

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