SAUDI ARABIA: 15 Corona cases … disruption of schools as a preventive measure

The Saudi Ministry of Health announced on Monday, that the number of confirmed infections with the emerging coronavirus in the Kingdom has reached 15, explaining that 11 of them belong to people who have come to Saudi Arabia from abroad.

A ministry spokesman stressed during a press conference that no cases of Corona virus were recorded in educational facilities, explaining that “disrupting schools is a preventive measure to prevent the spread of the virus.”

The spokesman stressed that the ministry follows “transparently in the procedures to confront the Corona virus,” stressing that “the measures that have been taken are precautionary to prevent the spread of the virus.”

The Saudi Ministry of Education announced on Sunday, the suspension of studies in schools and universities in the Kingdom from Monday to another notice, in accordance with the preventive and precautionary measures recommended by the competent health authorities in the Kingdom as part of efforts to control the Corona virus.

 The decision includes public and private schools and institutions of education, and the public and private technical and vocational training institution.

For its part, the Saudi Ministry of Interior announced Sunday, the suspension of entry and exit from the Qatif Province temporarily due to the monitoring of new infections of the Corona virus in the governorate.

Also on Sunday evening, Saudi Arabia announced temporarily suspending the travel of citizens and residents to and from a number of countries to control and limit the spread of the Corona virus, in addition to the decision of the Saudi government, to temporarily limit entry to its lands for people from the Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain to air ports only.

These countries are the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Syria, South Korea, Egypt, Italy and Iraq.

Saudi Arabia also decided to stop air and sea flights between the Kingdom and the mentioned countries. The source excluded from this evacuation, shipping and trade trips, taking the necessary and necessary precautions.

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