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Saudi Arabia condemns the attempt to assassinate the Prime Minister of Sudan

Saudi Arabia condemned, on Monday, the attempted assassination of Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamduk.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry expressed on “Twitter” “Saudi Arabia’s condemnation of the assassination attempt that targeted the Prime Minister of the Republic of the Sudan, Hamdouk.”

The Ministry affirmed “its rejection and denunciation of this cowardly terrorist act, and of any attempt to undermine Sudan’s security and stability.”

On Monday, Hamdock survived an assassination attempt by bombing his motorcade in Khartoum.

On his part, Hamduk assured the Sudanese people through a post on his Facebook page that he said: “I assure the Sudanese people that I am fine and completely healthy. For a better tomorrow and sustainable peace. “

Sudanese TV confirmed that Hamdouk was taken to a safe location. On his part, the Sudanese Cabinet reassured “the people and the world that the Prime Minister is safe.”

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