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Saudi Arabia holds Iran responsible for the spread of the Corona virus

The Saudi Cabinet condemned “Iran’s irresponsible behavior” for facilitating the entry of Saudi citizens to its territory, without stamping their passports, at a time when infection with the new Corona virus is spreading.

The Council stressed during a meeting that “Iranian behavior” constitutes a “health threat to safety, and undermines international efforts to combat the virus, according to which Iran bears direct responsibility and the outbreak caused by the infection with the virus.”

On the other hand, the Council expressed its appreciation for the statement issued by the World Health Organization, “a tribute to the efforts of the Kingdom, and the additional measures it has taken to protect public health in this regard.”

The Council stressed that the measures taken in the Qatif Governorate temporarily come within the framework of precautionary measures to prevent the transmission of infection, and enable the competent health authorities to provide the best medical care to citizens and residents.

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