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Pilot dies as plane crashes in the Saudi capital Riyadh

The Saudi Aviation Investigation Office stated that an accident involving a light plane that was carrying only the pilot and had just taken off from Al-Thumama Airport, north of Riyadh, occurred this morning. The pilot was killed in the crash.

A light sport aircraft of the Teknam type with the registration HZ-BAD1 was involved in a crash after taking off from Al-Thumama Airport in Saudi Arabia, which is located north of Riyadh, according to information released by the Aviation Investigation Office.

The office said in a statement that the initial information indicated that the plane took off from Al-Thumama Airport at approximately 6:30 am, with a Saudi-trained pilot on board a training flight.

 Five minutes after takeoff, a distress call was sent from the pilot and lost contact. After that, a search plane was sent from the Aviation Academy, and the wreckage was located 5 kilometers north of Al Thumama Airport.

The concerned security authorities went directly to the site of the accident to find the pilot was dead.

A team was formed by the Aviation Investigation Office to uncover the circumstances and causes of the accident.

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