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Muslim World League shares views on the Palestinian issue

The Muslim World League has accompanied with great concern the situation in Palestine. Thus, it has also followed up on the outcome of an extraordinary meeting between its Executive Committee and the OIC, with the full support of Sheikh Dr Muhammad Abdul Karim Al-Issa, the League’s Secretary-General.

Saudi Arabia’s request to hold a meeting is justified on the OIC beliefs and objectives and the Islamic nation’s historical, moral, and legal responsibility towards Palestine and Holy Jerusalem. Furthermore, it considered the principles issued in the Fourth Geneva Agreement of 1949.

Parallelly, the Supreme Council of the Muslim World League always reflects the voice of the Islamic peoples towards many issues. The body stressed the importance of the international community and human rights organizations to shoulder their responsibility towards the current dangerous escalation. 

The League’s Secretary-General thanked King Salman and the Crown prince for the initiative to discuss the matter.

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