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Munir Al-Jundi, designer of Holy Kaaba’s colossal gold door, passes away

The designer of the Holy Kaaba’s gold door during the reign of King Khalid bin Abdulaziz, Engineer Munir Al-Jundi, died on Saturday in Germany.

King Khalid had instructed to make a door to the Kaaba from pure gold after his prayers in it in 1397 AH, and Al-Jundi was chosen to design it.

Sheikh Mahmoud Badr designed the door in the Sheikh Al-Sagha Factory in Makkah, especially since King Abdulaziz had previously commissioned the Al Badr family to manufacture a door for the Kaaba as well, and it was used in the manufacture of the Kaaba door and the second leading to its roof, made of 280 kilograms of pure gold.

Engineer Munir al-Jundi, a Syrian, was born in Homs and wrote his name on the door of the Kaaba after he was chosen to gain the honor of designing the door of the Kaaba.

Al-Jundi began work to design the door currently in the Kaaba in the Sheikh Al-Sagha Factory with Mahmoud Badr, one of the great sheikhs in Mecca.

Historian Mansour Al-Assaf wrote on Twitter, “King Abdulaziz commissioned the Badr family, who are in Makkah, to manufacture the new door of the Kaaba, and Sheikh Mahmoud Badr and his son Muhammad were on top of them. The door was finished after a year and a half of the king’s assignment for it. Then, in the year 1398 AH, King Khalid bin Abdulaziz commissioned Sheikh Ahmed bin Badr to manufacture a door from pure gold.”

He continued his tweet, “It was designed by engineer Munir Al-Jundi, and its lines were drawn by Sheikh Abdul Rahim Al Bukhari. The door reaches 3 meters in height, 2 meters in width and half a meter in depth. The door consists of two bookends and a base made of macamung wood, which is produced in Thailand and is the most expensive type of wood found in the whole world, with a thickness of 10 cm.”

“The date of King Khalid’s order to build the door was when he was honored to pray inside the Holy Kaaba, and this was in the first month of Jumada I 1397 AH,” Al-Assaf added.

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