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Meet the1st childcare facility at Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mosque

Many pilgrims documented the opening of the first center specialized in nurseries for children of pilgrims and visitors to the Grand Mosque through videos and photos. This is based on the third Saudi expansion.

The Grand Mosque Nursery

According to Saudi media, the center provides its services free of charge to visitors to the Grand Mosque and Umrah performers. It has the support and supervision of government agencies in Saudi Arabia.

The center, which was opened in the middle of the current blessed month of Ramadan, is concerned with caring for children and receiving them during their families’ performance of Umrah rituals and religious rituals in the Holy Mosque of Mecca, according to the Saudi newspaper “Sabq”.

The nursery has a capacity for 80 children, and its services are provided to the highest quality and safety standards. The children’s hospitality center includes a physical play area, a skill activity area, and a sleeping area. It is supervised by childcare cadres.

Working hours of the Grand Mosque nursery

The Grand Mosque Nursery works around the clock to receive children of Umrah pilgrims and visitors who wish to leave their children under six inside the center. This is so that their families can worship without moving their children inside the Grand Mosque corridors.

The nursery is the first nursery and hospitality for children established in the courtyard of the Grand Mosque. It meets visitors’ needs to the Grand Mosque in Mecca in caring for and caring for children. This is done according to the highest standards of quality, safety, and care.

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