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Meet Saja Kamal, the Saudi female footballer who broke ‘Guinness’ record

She loved football from a young age, and always dreamed of recording unprecedented numbers in this game that was reserved for men, but that conflicted with the conservative society in which she grew up, in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia.

However, Saja Kamal, the Saudi young girl sought her passion to play football, she decided to move to different countries to achieve her dream, according to her interview with the US based TV channel of CNN.

“I decided to participate in Arab and international football teams, from Bahrain to the UAE, US and UK,” she explained.

In an unprecedented move, Saja set a record in “Guinness” after participating with a group of 30 women, in a 2017 football match organized by the FIFA, from 20 different nationalities, on top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

During her interview with “CNN”, Saja sees that her goal was not only to set a record, but the goal was to shed light on the issue of gender equality, noting that achieving this record has a great role in spreading awareness about the fact that women in the athlete field are unequal in pay globally.

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