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Ludovic Pouille: Iconic Ambassador who Adores Saudi Arabia

Ambassadors have always been the cornerstone between their countries and other countries.


On the contrary, Ambassador Ludovic Pouille was not only like that. However, under his experience and the multiplicity of his positions, he was the link between France and the Middle East as a whole.



Who is the French ambassador to Saudi Arabia?


French President Emmanuel Macron issued a decree appointing Mr. Ludovic Pouille, ambassador of the State of France to the Kingdom, as of October 08, 2020.


That decision was made after the end of his mission as French ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.



Ludovic Pouille in Saudi Arabia  



The French Ambassador in Riyadh, Ludovic Pouille, is famous for his active participation in significant events, both local and international.


He is keen to visit the King Abdulaziz Public Library in Riyadh, as he is a passionate admirer of Arabic calligraphy and everything that is oriental


He had a good taste for Arabic poetry, as he loved to hear it and translate its meanings.


The French ambassador always described Arabic as one of the ancient languages, a symbol of the arts, poetry, and literature.


He said that he considered it like his mother tongue, French, and congratulated the Arabic-speaking people on the occasion of the International Day of the “Language of Dhad”.


He always expressed his love for the Arabic language, describing it in the language of poetry, literature, and songs


He also likened it to the French language in diversity and pluralism


He has a resume full of successes that he achieved in many positions to which he was appointed, and here is the most relevant information about him:


Holds a general higher education certificate (in history).

A degree from the Institute of Political Studies in Strasbourg.

A postgraduate certificate in international relations.


He held many positions, including:


National service position in Doha 1995-1997.


Central administration (North Africa and the Middle East) from 1997-2001.


French Vice Consul in Jerusalem 2001-2004.



First Secretary at the Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York from 2004-2007.


Central Administration Deputy Director of Egypt and the Levant during the period 2007-2010.


Deputy French Ambassador in Rabat from 2010-2014.


Appointed to the Central Administration as Deputy Director of North Africa and the Middle East for the period 2014-2017.


Appointed Ambassador of France to the United Arab Emirates 2017-2020.



Saudi-French Relations



The bilateral ties between the French Republic and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are among those that extend beyond just the political sphere. They involve cooperation in a range of areas, including science, the economy, health care, culture, and other areas.


The partnership between the Kingdom and France is historic, as France was the first country to recognize the rule of His Majesty the King of the Hijaz and the Sultan of Najd and its annexes, King Abdulaziz Al Saud, in 1926.


During that period, France sent a consul in charge of French affairs to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in 1929.


The Al Jazira Treaty was concluded between the Kingdom and the French Republic in 1931.


France was one of the first nations to establish diplomatic relations with the Kingdom. It opened the first diplomatic mission in Jeddah after the founding king announced the union of the Kingdom in 1932.


The volume of economic cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the French Republic is about $ 15 billion.


France ranks third in the world in terms of investment flows attracted by the Kingdom, with over 70 French companies currently investing in the Kingdom.


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