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Lebanese singer Hiba Tawaji leads off the return of events at AlUla

Hiba Tawaji, a Lebanese singer, will perform live at AlUla’s Maraya Concert Hall on Oct. 29, marking the return of music and public activities to the Saudi city following the global pandemic.

Tawaji, a prominent Lebanese singer, actor, and director with a 14-year career, has performed in some of the world’s most prestigious venues and has a large regional and international fan following.

She was the first female singer to bring music back to the Saudi stage in 2017, performing for a Saudi audience.

It will be the hitmaker’s first performance in AlUla.

The Lebanese soprano stated in a statement, “I’ve always wanted to perform in AlUla, a location with such history and creative legacy.”

Live activities, such as concerts and art exhibitions, are returning to AlUla as pandemic restrictions in Saudi Arabia lessen, with a series of cultural events planned in the following weeks and months.

Tawaji is the first in a series of intriguing regional and worldwide performers that will play as part of the AlUla Moments program in the remarkable mirrored building.

COVID-19 test is not needed for attendees, but all appropriate safety measures will be implemented.

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