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Leave it to the Artificial Intelligence: ten robots sterilize the Grand Mosque

The General Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques Affairs is providing ten robots for sterilization services in the Grand Mosque. The automated sterilization system protects pilgrims and worshipers from the current covid pandemic and contributes to health safety measurements in general.

The Agency for Technical and Service Affairs, which supports the sterilization system in the Grand Mosque, provides robots to sterilize larger areas.

The robots are controlled by an automated control system that operates at six levels and is programmed on a pre-map. That increases the safety of a healthy environment and intelligently assesses sterilization requirements.


Hassan Al-Suwaihri, Director of the Environmental Protection Department at the Grand Mosque, explained that the robots obtained a patent for SLAM with a high-performance atomization unit on the early warning feature with audio transmission at the required time.

The robots have a battery charging feature, as they work from 5-8 hours without human intervention and have capacity of 23.8 litres. Two are consumed every hour to eliminate bacteria in an area of ​​600m2; the size of the dry fog particles used in the sterilization process is from 5-15 micrometres.

It also has a front detection angle of up to 192.64 degrees, a front obstacle detection range of more than 10m, and a camera with high-quality radar for mapping.

The smart robot has obtained international certificates, including the European CE Quality Approval Certificate.

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