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KSrelief removes 1,027 mines within a week through the “Masam” project in Yemen

KSrelief removes 1,027 mines within a week through the "Masam" project in Yemen

KSrelief and Masam project were able to extract 1,027 mines planted by the Houthi militia in various regions of Yemen.


This was part of “Masam” work to clear Yemeni lands of mines during the second week of March 2023.


It included 6 anti-personnel mines, 203 anti-tank mines, 817 unexploded ordnance, and one improvised explosive device.


The Masam team removed one unexploded ordnance in Aden governorate, and 3 unexploded ordnances in the Qataba district in Al-Dhalea governorate.


it removed also 25 anti-tank mines and 18 unexploded ordnance in Hays district, Hodeidah governorate.


In Ma’rib Governorate, “Masam” was able to remove one innovative explosive device in the Harib district and one anti-tank mine.


Masam removed 125 anti-tank mines and 450 unexploded ordnance in the Marib district.

It removed also 6 anti-tank mines in the Raghwan district.


In the Shabwa governorate, the team cleared 4 anti-tank mines in the Ain district, 6 anti-personnel mines, 23 anti-tank mines, and 5 unexploded ordnance in the Asilan district.


3 unexploded ordnances were removed in the Al-Waziya district.


In Taiz, the team also managed to remove 17 anti-tank mines and 185 unexploded ordnances in the Al-Mokha district.


One unexploded ordnance was cleared in the Maqbana district, and two anti-tank mines and 6 unexploded ordnance were cleared in the Mawza district.


The number of mines cleared since the beginning of March has become 1,907.


while the number of mines removed since the beginning of the “Masam” project has reached 391,613 mines.


The Houthi militia planted these mines indiscriminately throughout Yemen to harvest more innocent victims among children, women, and the elderly.


KSrelief continues through the project to clear the Yemeni lands of mines and to contribute to helping the Yemeni brothers to live a decent life.

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