KSA is close to reaching societal immunity against Covid-19

KSA is close to reaching community immunity after 50% of the population received two doses of the vaccine against the emerging coronavirus.

This achievement was made following the Kingdom’s objective to attain community immunization by the beginning of next October; the vaccine distribution strategy has been in place since December of last year.

Experts believe that by monitoring the number of vaccination recipients daily, which amounted to more than 250 thousand doses every day, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will achieve community immunity by October.

The Ministry of Health distributed more than 41 million doses to 23 million citizens and residents; As 18 million people received two doses of one of the vaccines approved by the concerned authorities in the Kingdom.

On the other hand, the number of daily injuries in the Kingdom continues to decline, until it has reached less than a hundred, at present; Yesterday, Sunday, the Ministry of Health recorded 70 new cases of the corona.

Kingdom had previously signed several agreements with several vaccine companies it had approved, namely “Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna,” to contain the pandemic’s effects, the most important of which is the Agreement on Commercial Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights “TRIPS.”

It provided one billion dollars in support of international initiatives related to confronting the emerging coronavirus.

The Kingdom has also allocated an amount of $500 million, to meet the global need for the development and distribution of vaccines, treatments, and diagnostic tools related to “Covid-19”.

In addition, it contributes $150 million to CEPI, $150 million to GAVI, and $200 million to other international and regional health organizations and programs.

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