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(IUMS) congratulates the Taliban movement in Afghanistan

Taliban defines the features of the rule of the "Islamic Emirate"
Taliban defines the features of the rule of the "Islamic Emirate"

According to the International Union of Muslim Scholars’ official (IUMS) website, Ali Al-Qarra Daghi, the Union’s Secretary-General, expressed the Union’s perspective on the events in Afghanistan in three points:

1- Blessing the great Afghan people for what God Almighty has accomplished for them, and that the union is optimistic about the Taliban movement’s steps of forgiveness and pardon, rather than spilling blood, and thus the beginning of a replacement stage during which everyone participates in making a commitment to Islam as a belief, Sharia, and way of life.

2- Congratulating the Taliban movement and the Afghan people for driving out all foreign occupiers from Afghanistan. This demonstrates the movement’s patience, perseverance, and ability to maneuver until this good is realized.

3- The International Union of Muslim Scholars expresses its gratitude to the State of Qatar, which provided an environment for discussions until an agreement was reached, as well as total independence for the two sides to make their judgments.

“There is no doubt that the movement has made some previous mistakes in handling the components of the Afghan people, their movements, their dealings with women, their political thought, and so on.

However, it appears that the movement has transformed as a result of its experiences and awareness of what is going on in the world. The movement has demonstrated a great degree of flexibility in its interactions with cities, particularly Kabul, and in its comments toward neighbors and the West.

However, it appears that the movement has evolved as a consequence of its experiences and understanding of what is happening in the world; the movement has shown a great deal of flexibility in its contacts with cities, notably Kabul, as well as in its remarks toward neighbors and the West.

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