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If Prophet Muhammad (PBUM) was still alive would he agree of what Muslims do in the name of him?

I think you got upset when you saw someone spreading things offensive to Prophet Mohammed PBUH, and I know that the emotion had reached its highest point inside the Chechen youth who slaughtered the French teacher.

In our Islamic world we forget the true character of the Prophet, we forget that Allah sent him to be a mercy to the worlds, we forget that Allah said about him: “And indeed, you are of a great moral character.”

Yes, was he not a gentle man with a low voice? Was he not being hurt alive by the polytheists? Did some of his companions not deal with him with a rudeness in which God Almighty said: “those who call thee from behind the chambers, most of them have no sense.”

 Rather, the Lord of Might said, addressing the senior companions’ “you who believe! Raise not your voices above the voice of the Prophet, nor speak aloud to him in talk as you speak aloud to one another”.

 This is Muhammad bin Abdullah, whom Allah placed Mercy in his heart, so he said about him: “So by mercy from Allah, [O Muhammad], you were gentle with them. And if you had been rude [in speech] and harsh in heart, they would have disbanded from about you.” This is Muhammad bin Abdullah, who was subjected to all kinds of abuse, and he did not respond except by praying to those who abused him.

I do not think that any of the Muslims disagree with my article, but is there really someone who can offend the Messenger, PBUH?, I say: No and a thousand no, because no one, regardless of his power, can offend the Messenger PBUH, or to the Qur’an, for it is not possible for the lower to lengthen the higher, and the power, as the spokesperson says, does not pertain to the impossible. Rather, whoever offends anyone he offends himself, and whoever does well does it for himself.

In sum, no one, no matter who he is, could offend the Messenger, and if he offended, he would have offended himself, and Messenger PBUH, remains in our hearts.

 Yet we are in the moments of weakness that afflicted the Ummah and the civilized decline that we have reached, we have become as blocks of wood propped up we think that every cry is against them. , or as God Almighty said, “They think that every cry is against them.” We do not have confidence in ourselves, or in our beliefs.

This has resulted in some appearances. When one of them enters Islam, the shouts of takbeer rise and we are overwhelmed with joy, as if by this person entering Islam we will have proven the validity of the religion,

 Also when one of them comes out of Islam we raise the banner of the conspiracy and against Islam, and it seems as if we have entered a marathon between religions that if one wins the majority in the world, it wins the gold medal.

The truth is that we must put these matters in the right order, so let whoever wishes to enter Islam , as it’s his own affairs with Allah , and let whomever he pleases out of Islam,

 Islam will not become true with the abundance of his followers, and it will not lose its validity due to the few followers.  When you worship Allah with a religion, the matter must be faith, not followers, and it is better for any religion if someone who does not believe in it gets out of it.

But we have nothing but to blame ourselves, do not blame the Chechen murderer, do not blame France, but blame yourselves, on the one hand, what this murderer did is not our religion, it is not the Islam that we owe to Allah , it is not the Islam of mercy, love and peace. This is another Islam that we do not know, and our honorable Messenger does not know it.

This killing was not part of his message, but the sick souls were the ones who offered us another religion, and said: This is Islam!! they presented an Islam that only knows the sword and the grave!

This Islam is not the Islam of the Lord of the Worlds!! But it is “an illusory, sick image that lived in sick souls and moved to us over the years.” People believed that this is Islam, so people were proud of it, and it became a movement approach for some of them, and they corrupted our religion and our world.

Unfortunately, this young murderer did not act on his own or from fatwas given to him by unknown people, but this bloody understanding is what has settled by a number of those who are said to be “Muslim scholars” and such fatwas have also been issued by Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi preachers.

Therefore, our voice became clear a long time ago that now it is time for us to focus on the religious discourse because it is the main cause of all the suffering that we are currently experiencing.

The Islamic countries must lead a revolution that corrects the misconceptions that entered into religion and changed its constituents, a revolution that restores religion to its function in life,

 Allah created us In order to build the earth, not to destroy it, he told us in his holly Quran, “He brought you forth from the earth, and settled you therein” that is, he asked you to rebuild it and not destroy and burn it.

We need a religious revolution in which we get rid of texts that people think are sacred just because they are mentioned in heritage books and are in fact the work of Satan and his associates.

We need a revolution that reshapes the Muslim mind again, so it does not accept, for example, that dreaded fatwas keep their head on us all the time, then it transforms our lives to constant war with windmills.

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