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Google changes into the green to celebrate the Saudi National Day

The famous search engine, Google, celebrated the 91st Saudi National Day, which falls on Thursday, September 23, in its way.

Google, the world’s largest search engine, began using a Saudi Arabian flag as its background picture on Wednesday, initiating a shift that took effect yesterday.

Today, Thursday, September 23, the Kingdom celebrates Saudi National Day.

It’s the anniversary of the day that King Abdulaziz Al Saud gave Saudi Arabia the name it has today. Previously, the country was known as Hijaz and Nejd.

All regions of the Kingdom were filled with celebrations, entertainment, and artistic performances, in addition to many diverse activities. Streets were decorated with flags and green lights in celebration of the 91st Saudi National Day.

It is scheduled to hold many different events, including air and sea shows and fireworks displays, in addition to concerts in which many stars of the Arab world will participate in a celebration of the National Day.

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