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Founder of Bank Al-Bilad, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Subaie, dies at the age of 100

Sheikh Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Subaie died on Thursday at the age of 100. He was known for his economic acumen and his support for charity and humanitarian causes.

Al-Subaie founded Bank Al-Bilad with his brother after entering the banking business at an early age. The brothers first established a small exchange shop, and the small trade grew.

Bank Al-Bilad turned into one of the most famous Saudi banks and the beginning of his wealth. Pilgrims and visitors to the Two Holy Mosques introduced the two brothers to the exchange world, followed by real estate.

According to the Al-Subaie Charitable Foundation statement, the deceased was born in Unaizah, in the Qassim region. He was raised in a modest house and had only one brother, Muhammad, and eleven years his senior.

His father, Ibrahim, used to work in trade, bringing dates from Qassim to sell in Makkah, Madinah, and Taif, as wild ghee as well. He died in 1344 AH in Medina and was buried in Al-Baqi ‘.

His uncle Nasser Al-Subaie lived in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, and he asked the boys’ mother to send Muhammad to him, hoping that he would find work. After her approval, Muhammad went to Mecca and moved between jobs until he settled in a government role in the Al-Majeed Center. After that, he asked his mother and brother Abdullah to join him.

Charity, goodness and supporting people took a great deal of the sheikh’s life, influencing his children and everyone who worked with him. He felt a pain and, shortly after, entered the hospital, remaining under intensive care until his death, on Thursday, in Jeddah.

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