Foreigners’ Ownership in Saudi Financial Market Jumps 300%

Foreign ownership in the Saudi financial market has seen a dramatic increase of 300% over five years. This growth is attributed to the Kingdom’s initiatives to attract foreign investments in local debt instruments and Sukuk.

The Saudi Capital Market Authority reported that foreign ownership soared to about SAR 347 billion by the end of 2022.

Market Transformation Since 2015


Since opening the Saudi Capital Market to direct foreign investors in 2015, the Saudi market has evolved significantly. It turned from a local market to a market in which foreign investors invest by more than 17%. This is a substantial increase from the previous 4%.

Unprecedented Levels of Foreign Investments


The main Saudi financial market experienced a surge in foreign investments, reaching unprecedented record highs. Since 2018, net foreign investment has exceeded 180 billion Saudi Riyals.

Record Growth in 2022


The year 2022 marked the highest rate of foreign investment growth since joining the emerging market indices in 2019. Qualified foreign investors’ ownership jumped by 1877% by the end of 2022.

Strategic Efforts by the Authority


Abdullah bin Ghanam, from the Saudi Capital Market Authority, highlighted the authority’s aim to increase foreign participation in the market. Efforts in this regard include allowing foreigners to directly investment in debt instruments and simplifying procedures for attracting foreign investment in the Sukuk and local debt market.

Strategic Plan to Enhance Market Position


The strategic plan of the Capital Market Authority focuses on elevating the Saudi market’s global stature. It aims to enhance the market’s attractiveness and efficiency, boosting its competitiveness regionally and internationally.

The consistent focus on attracting and facilitating foreign investments has been pivotal in transforming the Saudi financial market into a dynamic and globally competitive entity.

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