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Everything You Should Know So Far about Riyadh Season 2023

Everything You Should Know So Far about Riyadh Season 2023

President of the General Entertainment Authority of Saudi Arabia, Councilor Turki Al-Sheikh shared recently the details of the fourth edition of the Riyadh season, which will start next October 28.


The fourth edition will witness the organization of international conferences, boxing matches, football tournaments, plays, and concerts, as well as hosting many exhibitions and festivals.


Al-Sheikh said through his account on the “X” social media platform (formerly Twitter) that “next October 28, the Riyadh season will open, organized by the best party organizers in the world, with the participation of the most famous stars, underlining that this season will be “different”.


In an introductory video, Al-Sheikh revealed that the opening will feature “the world’s biggest and first event of its kind, the belt fight of the season in Riyadh, which will be the biggest heavyweight boxing match”, noting that the fight will be watched live around the world.


200,000 Job Opportunities  


Advisor Turki Al-Sheikh explained that the fourth edition of the Riyadh season aims to create more than 200,000 direct and indirect jobs and provide opportunities for about 2,000 local and international companies in an entertainment experience area of ​​more than 7 million square meters.


He said: “One of the most important things that has been developed for the Riyadh season this year and for this edition is the Riyadh season website and an approved ticketing platform with many features.”


He revealed that a new experience is coming during the season, which is a “competition with a new idea” which is a “treasure hunt” and will be a mix of virtual reality and reality, with one of the biggest prizes that will reach SAR 6 million.


 New Identity of Riyadh Season


Councilor Turki Al-Sheikh also announced the launch of Riyadh’s new logo for the season, which includes an “innovative identity and sustainable vision”.


The new season logo, which is an integrated circle, symbolizes the year and “highlights the six months of the year with vibrant colors, reflecting the excitement and versatility of the extraordinary experiences that Riyadh Season 2023 will offer in its fourth year”.


The events will be held at Boulevard Hall, a multipurpose building built in 60 days with an area of ​​more than 200,000 square meters and a height of 42 meters, which can accommodate more than 40,000 people at the same time.  The building is equipped with the latest technology to host all types of events with internationally recognized engineering and technical standards, including hosting international football matches.



 Barbie World & Disney Castle


“Boulevard City” will be completely revitalized to become the most famous place in the area and will host unique global experiences, 60% of which are new experiences,  the first of which is “Barbie’s World”, which will revive history about the brand.


This season Riyadh will host a Disney castle for the first time in the Middle East to celebrate its centenary.

It has incredible performances inspired by the most famous Disney animated films.


The season will also see the revival of the dancing fountains and the addition of interactive visual content,  the first of its kind to use international technology.  The season will see the creation of the House of Hype, the world’s largest virtual world under one roof, offering new and unique immersive experiences that combine the real world with virtual reality.


During the season, there is a “Cat cafe” that opens its doors for the season to cat-loving visitors and has a variety of cats from all over the world.


The season presents the world of “Blippi Wonders”, one of the largest educational and entertainment experiences for children, in addition to the global experience “Zero Latency”, an interactive 3D  experience that allows visitors to interact with digital content. realistically


For horror fans, the season offers a “Five Nights at Freddy’s” experience at Boulevard City.



 Museums and sports tournaments


During the season, football fans will discover the Museum of Legends, the first museum of football legends and the largest museum in the world.  The museum contains more than 30,000 rare objects and various experiences and is considered the second branch in the world after the branch in Madrid, Spain.



The season also features a CR7 museum designed in a modern way around the character of Cristiano Ronaldo and his life story.



The museum contains all the awards and personal titles of the Portuguese star, as well as several interactive experiences.


 Riyadh Season Cup


This year’s Riyadh Seasonal Cup brings together Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr clubs and the international league system. Other international matches are also held during the season.  The season offers its visitors a global “433” experience, hosting world football legends and creating exciting football experiences that take visitors from the digital world to reality, in addition to hosting “433” worldwide for the first time.


The season also offers the cafe “La Liga”, which combines gastronomy, entertainment, football, and sport in a new space based on innovation and technology.


The Riyadh season also hosts the most prominent tennis world champions in the “Riyadh Tennis Season Cup” match.


This season, the Padel World Cup tournament will also be added.



 Boxing & Wrestling


In partnership with Mike Tyson, the season presents a unique boxing club in the region, featuring the first dedicated gym to develop and train boxing enthusiasts.



During the season, the biggest wrestling festival in the world “Crown Jewel” will take place, with international wrestler John Cena.  The season will also introduce the “WWE” experience and store, which will consist of special experiences for fans to enjoy meeting the celebrities of the game through technology to live exciting experiences with them in the audience.


 Concerts & Plays


During the season, there are also more than 33 theater performances and international concerts with the best artists from around the world.


In this regard, this year Boulevard City is organizing the “JOY AWARDS”, the most important and largest entertainment award in the Middle East, for the fourth time this year.



The second phase of the development of Boulevard World has been completed and expanded by more than 40% with an area of ​​1 million square meters, adding 4 new sites with the most prominent attractions and heritage, including the largest popular shopping area with 1,180 retail spaces.



The season also includes the world of CoComelon, where children can play and learn through experiences that include various interactive elements.



This year’s season in Riyadh includes “Wonder Garden”, the largest mobile amusement park with an area of ​​half a million square meters.  The park is specially designed for family members of all ages, as it offers a unique experience in the world of entertainment. Its location was moved to a new location north of Riyadh for easy access to visitors.



During this year, the Murabba area will become a permanent area with a new group of the world’s most luxurious restaurants and cafes.


Construction work on the famous Fouquet Hotel and Cafe project is also starting nearby.


This year, “The Groves” returns for the third time, but with a new experience inspired by fairy tales.


Located in the Via Riyadh area, the “ST REGIS” hotel is ready to welcome guests for the first time in the Kingdom, adding a new group of luxury international restaurants and cafes. Surprises of the season


The Riyadh season includes a wide variety of exhibitions and festivals to suit all categories, including “I Am Arab”, the Riyadh Games Festival, and the Motor Show.


One of the surprises of the season is the “Food Trucks” festival, which brings together more than 100 mobile food trucks from major world capitals, including New York, London, and Tokyo.


Three completely open spaces are equipped to suit all walks of life.

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