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Entertainment Authority cooperates with King Salman Nature Reserve to develop the entertainment sector

The General Entertainment Authority and the King Salman bin Abdulaziz Royal Reserve Development Authority signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation and integration between them

This memorandum aims to unify efforts aimed at economic and national development between the recreation and conservation sectors

The Entertainment Authority was represented in signing the memorandum by the Executive Vice President for Regulatory Affairs, Majid Al-Ghurabi

it was signed by the Reserve Development Authority, Chief Operating Officer Dorati Jose Figueiredo.

The memorandum aims to establish frameworks of cooperation between the two bodies in the fields of complementary competence for coordination, facilitation, and defining procedures.

The memorandum includes areas of cooperation: coordination when planning to implement recreational projects within the boundaries of the reserve located outside the urban area, and contributing to accelerating the procedures for obtaining licenses and permits.

The areas of cooperation also include: examining investment opportunities between the two parties in activities within the reserve, and cooperation in highlighting their respective roles in activities, reports, and media news.

The memorandum enables the monitors of the Entertainment Authority to conduct field visits, if there are recreational activities or events in the King Salman bin Abdulaziz Royal Reserve.

The memorandum facilitates the visits of researchers and consultants to the headquarters of the two parties. It provides cooperation to create joint opportunities that serve the orientations and specializations of each of them.

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