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Egyptian Planning Minister inaugurates Tawasol Society School in Ezbet Khairallah

Cairo, December 1, 2020

Dr. Hala El-Said, Egypt’s Minister of Planning and Economic Development, accompanied by Major General Khaled Abdel Aal, Governor of Cairo, inaugurated the Tawasol Society School in Ezbet Khairallah.

Dr. El-Said said that the opening of the Tawasol Society School is a consolidation of the state’s efforts and the efforts of Egypt’s Vision 2030, stressing the importance of participation between the government, the private sector, and civil society, as the role of civil society is complementary to the role of the state. This comes within the framework of the government’s interest in developing unsafe places and informal areas in the various governorates.

El-Said also confirmed her pride in the existence of such an integrated model of community schools in Egypt, as it is an integrated school in terms of educating children, training them in crafts, and linking them to the labor market. She also confirmed her pride that those who lead the association are Egyptian girls, which is a successful investment in Egypt’s youth and Egyptian women in particular, as Egyptian women prove every day their ability to create, innovate, and contribute to economic and sustainable development.

The minister pointed out that there is a large group of handicrafts in the school for girls and dropouts, which contributes in a significant way to economic and social development and increases the participation of women and youth in the labor market.

The school, which holds 10 semesters, includes a computer lab, a kitchen and a restaurant to feed students and workers from the area, a communication theater equipped with a capacity of 100 chairs, a library that the school students and children benefit from, a science laboratory, a playground, a sports hall, a training room, and meeting halls for craft activities (carpentry, copper, detailing, sewing, embroidery, bridal art, and others). The school also has several artistic activities (acrobatics, aerobatics, choral, rhythm, folklore, acting), and it is equipped to accommodate people with special needs.

The school also includes a 50-kilowatt solar power plant to supply it with the energy needed for operation while preserving the surrounding environment and taking advantage of natural resources. This helps to instill the concepts of environmental sustainability in the students.

To enhance belonging in Egypt, the Tawasol Association worked to name each chapter with the names of the governorates of Egypt. With the participation of students, the association will issue a booklet for each governorate to explore the governorates and the most important landmarks, destinations, industries, crops, and personalities in each governorate.

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