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Egyptian archaeologists discover the largest number of sarcophagus in Saqqara

By Marwa Mahmoud

Egyptian Minister of Tourism Khaled Al-Anani, announced the details of a new archaeological discovery in the Saqqara, where 27 colored coffins were discovered that had not been opened for 2,500 years.

The mission uncovered three burial wells at different depths ranging from 10 to 12 meters inside them, 59 colored wooden coffins closed stacked on top of each other.

Al-Anani said that the discovery is not over yet. “We found layers of coffins, which will be announced later.”

He explained that the coffins that were found are in good condition and are still preserving their original colors, indicating that preliminary studies on them indicated that they date back to the 26th family era and that they belong to a group of priests, senior statesmen and prominent figures in society.

It was announced that these coffins will be transferred to the Grand Egyptian Museum.

He explained that this discovery also included dozens of statues, not only coffins; one of them is a bronze statue (Nefertum), which is considered one of the most wonderful as possible.

He also explained that the next few weeks will witness the opening of a number of archaeological projects, including the museums of Sharm El-Sheikh, Kafr El-Sheikh, Administrative Capital, and royal vehicles, before the end of this year.

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