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Saudi, U.S. Representatives Hold Economic Discussions

The Assistant Minister of Finance for Macro-Fiscal Policies and International Relations, Abdulmuhsen Al-Khalaf met the Economic Counselor  at the U.S. Embassy in Saudi Arabia, Amy Archibald  and discussed local and global economic prospects as well as the development of macroeconomic policies.

Background of Abdulmuhsen Al-Khalaf

Abdulmuhsen Al-Khalaf holds a significant position as the Assistant Minister of Finance for Macro-Fiscal Policies and International Relations.

His role includes addressing global challenges and enhancing sustainable growth and resilience through policy coordination.

He has been instrumental in representing Saudi Arabia in various international forums such as the G20 and the World Bank Group, where he served as the alternate executive director for Saudi Arabia.

His efforts also extend to climate finance issues, as he participated in a high-level workshop focusing on sustainable transitions​.

Meeting with Amy Archibald

The meeting with Amy Archibald, an economic affairs advisor at the U.S. Embassy, serves as a platform for discussing broader economic issues.

While the specifics of the discussions are yet to be disclosed, it is likely that the dialogue encompassed topics of mutual interest, possibly focusing on the global economic landscape, trade relations, and financial policies that could foster economic growth and stability between the two nations.

The economic dialogue between Abdulmuhsen Al-Khalaf and Amy Archibald is a testament to the ongoing international collaborations aimed at addressing global economic challenges.

The meeting paves the way for further discussions and cooperative efforts that can potentially enhance economic relations and policy coordination between Saudi Arabia and the United States.

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