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Death of a Young Saudi Economist Mohammed al-Khamis Deeply Impacts his Followers

The death of the young Saudi economist, Muhammad al-Khamis, caused an impact among his followers on social media platforms, as they expressed their deep sadness following his sudden death.
He died in the early hours of Friday 12 February morning, and the news of his death was published on Twitter, but so far, authorities have not announced the official cause of death for the young man, mourned by many in hoards of tweets.
Among the most prominent tweets of young Muhammad al-Khamis, he tweeted “May Allah make people pray for me after death,” which had everyone sympathizing with the news of his death today. The news of the death of the young economist hit his fans tragically, whom they used to follow for his copious scientific tweets.
Al-Khamis is followed by more than 69,000 people on Twitter. He used to work in the field of financial analysis. Meanwhile one of the followers said that the deceased was the grandson of the historian Abdullah bin Khamis, who is considered one of the most prominent historians of Saudi culture and history.

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