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Corona kills 100,000 people around the world

By : Taha Sakr

At a time when the world registered, on Sunday, 109,000 and 133 people as at least victims of the emerging corona virus, since it spread months ago to today, the World Health Organization announced that the Democratic Republic of the Congo recorded a second death from the Ebola virus within days after more than 7 weeks ago Without registering a new case.

On Sunday, the Congo was to announce the end of the second most serious outbreak of Ebola since the registration began until a confirmed death from the disease was confirmed Friday in the eastern city of Beni.

75 ,000 victims of corona in Europe

As for Corona, the new epidemic is still ravaging the European continent with nearly 75,000 victims, 80% of whom are in Italy, Spain, France and the United Kingdom, according to an AFP census based on official sources Sunday.

Italy remains at the forefront of the most affected countries, with 19,468 deaths, then Spain with 16,972 deaths, and France has counted 13832 deaths so far, and the United Kingdom 9875.

As for Germany, the number of deaths reached at least 2,678 cases, and the injured reached 121,324 injuries, while a number of Germans also died while they were abroad, due to the background of infection with the virus.

In Belgium, the mosque hit 28,000 and killed 3,346 of its residents, and they are less than 11.5 million.

In USA, on Saturday evening, it recorded 1920 new deaths within 24 hours of the new Corona virus.

This comes after a statistic showed to Reuters that the deaths caused by infection with Corona virus in USA exceeded 20,000 cases, the highest toll recorded globally.

On the other side, Russia announced that 2186 new cases of the epidemic were recorded, after they were until recently, far from the outbreak of the virus, in the largest daily increase since the beginning of the outbreak, bringing the total confirmed cases in the country to 15,770 cases, and the number of deaths rose by 24 to 130 deaths .

In Iran, on Sunday, 117 people died from the Corona virus during the past 24 hours, taking the number of deaths in Iran to 4474 cases.

The official statistics published by the Canadian Public Health Agency Sunday showed that the number of deaths due to corona virus in the country increased by 12% to reach 674.

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