Caves in mountains of northern Saudi Arabia paint the natural beauty

Natural formations formed by the golden sands, which spread among the smooth rocks, in the midst of a series of steep mountains in northwestern Saudi Arabia, extending from the Sarwal Mountains along the eastern coast of the Red Sea.

The “Al-Zaytah” area, located in one of the most beautiful natural sites in Tabuk, a mountain range interspersed with cavities and caves, forming waterfalls flowing when the rains hit the area.

 The Saudi photographer, “Fawaz Al-Harbi” took creative pictures that embodied the meanings of the beauty that the region contains, nature picturesque scenes and enchanting.

The “Zeitah” mountains range in height between 500 and 1000 meters above sea level, where mountain ranges extend over several meters in length and width, and diverge from them with narrow paths leading to dark corners.

They contain among its rocks a unique heritage and historical heritage, which made it a destination for tourists, researchers and students of science.

 Among the most famous of them is Al-Lawz Mountain, which is its highest mountain, with a height of 2580 meters above sea level, as well as Al-Azamma Mountains, Al-Train Mountain and Al-Asmar Cave, which are among the most prominent features of these mountains.

These mountains are considered the place of settlement of the civilization of Median to Petra in the north, due to the presence of evidence, inscriptions and rock drawings, as well as many archaeological sites dating back to the stone ages, such as the Masyoun site and the Abu Ajl site, as well as the heritage sites in this mountain range, the village of Alaqan.

The photographer told Al-Arabiya that he photographed the site last week and drew his attention to the aesthetics of the rocks and caves and the reddish color that dominated its sands, and wanted to document the aesthetics of these mountains extending from southwestern Tabuk to its northwest.

He said: “What attracted me the most in the region, the presence of tall plateaus interspersed with wild fig trees in various locations, in addition to the cracks on the walls of mountains, caves and caves that enchant the hearts, as they provide for lovers of adventure and research an exciting journey.”

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